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Report Provides Solutions to Sustaining America’s Energy Coast

The America's WETLAND Foundation released a report, “Beyond Unintended Consequences: Adaptation for Gulf Coast Resiliency and Sustainability,” in late 2012 that offers 30 recommendations for Gulf Coast sustainability based on research and testimony from a series of leadership forums held in 11 communities from Texas to Florida during a 14-month period in 2011 and 2012. Read the report online now!

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During 2011 – 2012, the America’s WETLAND Foundation and its America’s Energy Coast (partners focused on a new initiative: “BLUE RIBBON RESILIENT COMMUNITIES: Envisioning The Future of America’s Energy Coast (BRRC).
The BRRC initiative is in response to the growing vulnerabilities along the Gulf Coast in the wake of coastal land loss and degrading landscapes that threaten coastal populations and indigenous cultures. The livelihoods of 12 million people living near the coast, the sustainability of rich natural resources that support $634 billion in annual GDP, and the security of residential, commercial and industrial assets valued at more than $2 trillion are increasingly vulnerable to storm surge, flooding, wind damage, and the effects of sea level rise. Recent natural events like Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike and man-made disasters, such as the BP oil spill, provide a glimpse of what the future could bring if we don’t plan for and invest in building more resilient, sustainable communities.
Blue Ribbon Resilient Communities/America’s Energy Coast Leadership Forums were hosted in communities across the five Gulf States of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. They assessed local vulnerabilities and empowered the region to envision, plan and act to ensure resiliency and sustain cultural, economic and ecological values in the face of growing coastal degradation. The series of forums will also strengthened the local voice and provided more authentic solutions to envisioning the future.